To establish safe and healthy working places that will enable our employees to work effectively and efficiently by placing our employees in the most appropriate positions in their relevant departments and knowledge and skills, to provide equal opportunities with training, monitoring and evaluation studies to improve existing knowledge and skills and to ensure participation in internal communication facilities and management our human resources policy has become.

In this context, S Sistem Logistics Services Co. has been awarded by OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System).


The Human Resources Department in our company provides support for the development of our employees in line with company needs. With the periodic measurement and evaluation practices, the careers of our employees are shaped in line with their individual performance.

Training is a priority issue for our employees and it is carried out within a plan to receive the necessary trainings for each of our employees, especially in the framework of OSH regulations.

Transitions between positions and promotions take place within the framework of our company HR procedures.


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