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Collection of products together with solicitation vehicles in line with requests from customers cross docking areas are also used for storing, labeling, dispatching with dispatch vehicles after completion of delivery note billing procedures and distribution of their own vehicles at delivery centers. In this process, product volume information is collected with measuring and weighing devices and reporting with system integration, delivery reports are shared through integration.


The determination of the daily vehicle needs from the customers, the provision of rental vehicles with one-time rental vehicles, the purchase of products from one or more points, the route optimization and the deliveries of the products in the same way with the determined vehicle types.

It offers insurance policies and services for all vehicles with a guarantee of € 150.000 for each vehicle.


Inspection of the non-gauged cargoes on site in the presence of specialist staff, feasibility and analysis studies, and deliveries from the door to door, together with appropriate tools and equipment according to the determined needs.


S Sistem Logistics Services Co. regularly provides guaranteed transportation services with scheduled vehicles throughout the country. It provides bonded transport services between airports to many airlines with its extensive warehousing and distribution network in Turkey. In addition, there are regular trucks between Istanbul Airport and Sabiha Gökçen Airport for bonded transportation.

The locations serving on a scheduled basis are: