S Sistem Logistics Services Co. serves customers with about 100.000 m2 storage areas. The warehouse management system as well as the transfer of orders from the customers through the system through integration, collection of orders, handling, packaging and shipment. It offers all value-added services in the direction of clients’ requests.

  • Acceptance Of Goods
  • Stock Management
  • Picking
  • Handling
  • Packing
  • Labeling
  • Order Preparation, Documentation and Invoice Printing
  • Shipment Management
  • Periodic Counts
  • Performance Management System
  • Return Management

Acceptance of products and collection of products made by RF terminals and all such services are based on the requirements of our customers and they provide different solutions with modern equipments in addressable shelves and unoccupied areas depending on the demands of the customers. 24/7 security and fire safety systems complying with international standards, along with insurance policies that are suitable for all risks.

Istanbul Airport Temporary Storage Services

S Sistem Logistics Services Co. Istanbul Airport Import and Export temporary storage area was established on 5625 m2 area with steel construction base structure to provide better quality service in line with the needs and expectations of our customers with the advanced security and IT infrastructure.

S Sistem Logistics Services Co. Istanbul Airport temporary storage location,

  • Total of 17 doors
  • 5 land side cargo acceptance and cargo delivery gate
  • 12 apron side cargo acceptance and cargo delivery door
  • 1 unit weighing 15 tons
  • 1 10 tonne weighbridge
  • 2 precision scales
  • 2 normal cargo X-Ray devices
  • 1 piece cargo X-Ray machine
  • 1 small cargo X-Ray device
  • 2 X-Ray-proof pile controller (ETD)
  • 1 ANALYZER (AWB barcode label reading, size measurement and weighting)
  • Unloading and special cargo doors for hanging textile products and express cargos
  • 50 m cargo loading/unloading ramp
  • 500 m2 cargo acceptance and cargo delivery area
  • 535 m2 porch area
  • Special sections reserved for live animals
  • 180 m2 cargo case parts
  • 2 x units of import cargo rooms
  • 2 x export value cargo rooms
  • 1 valuable cargo examination room
  • Special X-Ray device for valuable cargoes with the possibility of entering and loading/unloading armored vehicles
  • Radioactive cargo departments (approved by Atomic Energy Authority)
  • DGR sections
  • Cool warehousing sections
  • 2 x -18 C° -25 C° deep freezer storage room
  • 2 x + 2 C° + 8 C° storage room
  • 1 storage room +15 C° + 25 C°
  • Temperature control and reporting in all cold air rooms
  • 1 cargo inspection area with special security camera control
  • Export inspection area with private security camera control
  • Camera system that records 24 hours in and around the storage with 131 cams
  • 1 reservation room
  • Heavy and bulky cargo storage area
  • Palletised areas for normal cargos
  • 8 pallet pits
  • Fire extinguishing systems (Sprinter, foam system, Fm200 gas extinguishing system)

And we serve our customers with experienced expert staff.

Istanbul Airport (IST) Type A General Bonded Warehouse Services

In İkitelli Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, depending on the IST Customs Directorate at a distance of 10 km to the airport;

  • 458 m2 customs A Type General Bonded Warehouse in total 4000 m2 closed area
  • Cold weather sections
  • DGR cargo departments
  • Inspection and reserve areas
  • Fire fighting systems
  • Physical security and electronic security systems
  • Advanced electronic infrastructure and online traceability, control and reporting system

With our experienced and experienced staff.

Acceptance and handling services for export and import cargoes are provided to many airline companies in İstanbul (IST, SAW), Ankara, İzmir and Antalya airports in temporary storage areas.

At the C Terminal of Istanbul Airport of S Sistem Logistics Services Co. which has signed many firsts in the sector is the first private bonded warehouse attached to the airport customs of Turkey. In addition to the general cargo departments at Istanbul Airport, Valuable cargo baskets protected by state-of-the-art security measures, hazardous material sections, cold weather sections and radioactive cargo departments approved by the Atomic Energy Authority. This warehouse, which is the first private entrance to Turkey’s airport customs, is awarded the “Most Secure Warehouse” award by Lufthansa Airlines.

At Sabiha Gökçen bonded warehouse, we have the safes and safest sheltered in warehouses for valuable goods and has radioactive cargo and cold air sections approved by Atomic Energy Authority. S Sistem Logistics Services Co. with this temporary storage area was the first to receive the RA3 certificate, certifying that the European Union’s safety and safety standards have been made compulsory in Turkey.

Temporary storage areas in İzmir and Ankara also have cold air and valuable warehouses, and also provide valuable warehousing services in Antalya. In the airports, cargo handling and handling services are provided to many airline companies, mainly Lufthansa, Swissair, Austrian Airlines and Pegasus.

In the import tariffs;

  • It goes through X-Ray control.
  • The dimensions and weights of the cargoes are measured by 3D cargo analysis.
  • Shipments are addressed by barcodes and recorded in the system.
  • The cargos are palletized and ready for loading on the aircraft and stored in the appropriate area.

In the import tariffs;

  • Incoming cargoes are classified according to bill of lading numbers.
  • Entries are entered into the system according to barcode labels.
  • General physical checks are made with eyes.

Shipments are stored in the appropriate area until customs clearance is complete.


Collection of products together with solicitation vehicles in line with requests from customers cross docking areas are also used for storing, labeling, dispatching with dispatch vehicles after completion of delivery note billing procedures and distribution of their own vehicles at delivery centers. In this process, product volume information is collected with measuring and weighing devices and reporting with system integration, delivery reports are shared through integration.

The determination of the daily vehicle needs from the customers, the provision of rental vehicles with one-time rental vehicles, the purchase of products from one or more points, the route optimization and the deliveries of the products in the same way with the determined vehicle types.

  • Timely supply of vehicles with specialized vehicle procurement personnel
  • Effective tracking and reporting of all processes until delivery
  • Providing performance management

It offers insurance policies and services for all vehicles with a guarantee of € 150.000 for each vehicle.

Inspection of the non-gauged cargoes on site in the presence of specialist staff, feasibility and analysis studies, and deliveries from the door to door, together with appropriate tools and equipment according to the determined needs.

  • Ensure effective follow-up management throughout the process
  • Post-delivery reporting
  • Insurance of products with special guarantee

S Sistem Logistics Services Co. regularly provides guaranteed transportation services with scheduled vehicles throughout the country. It provides bonded transport services between airports to many airlines with its extensive warehousing and distribution network in Turkey. In addition, there are regular trucks between Istanbul Airport and Sabiha Gökçen Airport for bonded transportation.

The locations serving on a scheduled basis are:

  • İstanbul (Istanbul and Sabiha Gökçen Airport)
  • Ankara
  • İzmir
  • Antalya


S Logistics Services Ltd. is a leading forwarding company in the international transportation with its air, road and sea services as well as project transportation.

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